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Copyright Andy Dean Photography

It happens. 

We're grown-ups... sometimes we just have to say something bad - a bad word. But once you have a baby in the house you need to start to train yourself to not just let the F bombs fly. Once a baby turns about 9 to 12 months or so, they become a very observant little sponge. They pick up on things you don't even realize they are hearing. And it won't be long before your sweet little one is learning to speak and say cute little words and mimicking you. If you're a heavy cusser, you may find yourself with a toddler running around the house saying "shit shit shit!" NOT cute! 

Okay... maybe sometimes at first it seems sort'a cute or kind'a funny and we can't help but laugh because it's so bizarre for us to hear such big grown up words coming out of a teeny tiny squeaky little innocent voice. But I assure you, it will not be cute when your child is sent home from preschool because they keep saying "dammit" to their little classmates while coloring and finger painting during circle time. Or your precious perfect little one never gets invited to birthday parties or playdates because they have a dirty potty mouth! The thing about babies and toddlers cursing is that it's very hard to "UN" teach that habbit. 

Once they reach the stage of language development and they learn to say new words and put together phrases; whether it's "Mary had a little lamb" or "shut up little fuk-er" they are very hard to re-program! And this is a training that you will have to go through because you are having to teach them and tell them to not say a specific word that YOU yourself, say all of the time. In front of them! And it is just not fair to try the "Do as I say, not as I do." theory. (Or however the saying goes.) In this case it's more like "don't say what I say, just do what I tell you!" See? It's confusing right? Imagine how those little babies feel! 

 It's easiest to just not curse at all... learn to not say bad words in front of the kiddos. Find alternative curse words that are satisfying and still can express your anger or pain or stress. Maybe like "oh fiddlesticks" or "oh for the love of Peter Pan!" Or "son of biscuit eater!" or "shut the front door" or whatever... You can do this mommies. 

You don't want a cute little baby saying gross, ugly, disgusting bad cuss words!! Start cleaning up your act the minute you find out you are pregnant! That'll give you NINE whole months to "detox" from your potty mouth! (...and daddy too!)

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