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In this segment we're going to be talking about Potty Training! 

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Welcome to Miss Jen's Potty Training Boot Camp y'all. Let's get this potty started! Get it? Potty? (cricket sounds) 

Welcome to Miss Jen's Potty Training Boot Camp y'all. 

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Sometimes during the potty training process your little one will go hide behind a couch or some furniture. That might be when they're sneaking off to go potty. So keep an eye on those behaviors. Keep an eye on your little one disappearing behind the couch and follow them and see if it's time to go potty. Actually don't ask. Just say: "It's time to go potty" That's one of the rules of thumb with potty training: don't ask! Don't say: "Do you need to go potty? No? Okay good." You say: It's time to go potty!" That way they learn from the very beginning you're not asking! We're not asking if you need to go potty! We're saying: "It's time to go potty! It's that time." Like: "that's what the clock says so it's just time to go! We have to go." 

So they'll get used to that really early on is that we're not giving them the option. We're not giving them an out. We're not asking" "Are you good? You're good? We're good" Okay." They need to go! Just take them. Even if nothing comes out, they need to get on that hourly schedule. Eventually over time your increments will get further and further apart and you can go every couple of hours. Or you can keep an eye on how much they've had to drink or before nap time and after nap time - things like that. The potty schedule will eventually just evolve into its own schedule. 

When your kiddo is going behind the couch or hiding behind furniture to go potty, it usually means that they have guilt or shame or maybe embarrassment. They're being shy. These are the signs to look out for for potty training regression and anal retention. If they're ashamed of that poo-poo and that smell or if they're ashamed of soiling their pants or making a mess or getting wet - these are the kiddos that we need to pay extra attention to - to say "It's okay. It's okay I have accidents too." The things that we say right? To make our kiddo feel like everything is all right and they're doing everything just fine. There is also a chance that your kiddo is hiding behind furniture or going into another room or going behind the door to go potty because they want privacy. And if this is the case then they know they're going potty. They do have bladder awareness, they are aware of the fact that they're going potty in their pants and they're just comfortable doing that because they're used to their diapers and their pull-ups. Maybe it's more comfortable that way for them. Some kiddos can sit in their mess for a long time. Other kiddos are like: "I peed. Oh change my diaper!" Some kiddos are very clean and they want that dry feeling all the time. They don't like the feeling of sitting in a wet diaper. Other kids could care less and they could sit in it all day long! 

So if your kiddo's going behind a door and hiding to go potty for privacy reasons - they're definitely ready to be potty trained. Because they already know they're going in their pants. They know when they're going. They are aware of it and in control of it and they know it's coming out. Another really cool important helpful tip for poo-poo potty training is if they've had a poo-poo in their diaper or pull up (they've soiled themselves) if they've soiled their diaper - you can change them, clean them up, bring the poo-poo diaper into the bathroom and put the poo-poo in the toilet where it belongs. You're showing them "we put poo-poo in the potty. This is where the poo-poo is supposed to go." So even though it ended up in your pants (oopsie) you know... no scolding, no bad words, no ugly faces of disappointment. The poo-poo goes in the potty. "Let's put it in the potty." You don't let them do it. You do it yourself... but put the poo in the potty and then let them flush it and say bye-bye. 

Sometimes when your kiddo is having fun and playing with something and you go to interrupt them because it's time to go potty - because that's what the clock says. That's what your phone alarm told you. It's not you, You're not the one. It's the clock telling you it's time. Your kiddo is going to say: "No go away mommy. No I don't want you, I'm fine. I don't need to go potty. I already went potty." It's okay - we're going to do it anyway! Your kid's going to say: "go away!" You're going to say "We have to go together. Come on... I have to go potty. Will you come with me? I need to go potty. Let's go together" or "It's time for us to both go potty." Maybe that could be the example that you're setting is that no matter what, even if you don't have to go, you're gonna go potty and you're gonna go sit on that toilet and so are they. And you can do it together. It's like a team thing, it's a game. It's a you're together. It's not like you're sending them off go potty. "Let's do this together". 

Letting them know that every time they have a pee-pee or potty success that mommy and daddy are so proud. When they have a potty success tell them "oh you made me so happy! You made mommy so happy! here "oh mommy and daddy are so proud of you" or "Nanny is so pleased that you went pee-pee in the potty like a big boy or a big girl!" As a nanny I always say "Oh Miss Jen is so happy when you go potty!" In fact i remember one kiddo that I was potty training and every time he would go pee-pee he would go: "Miss Jen happy? Miss Jen happy?" and I'd say "Yes buddy! Miss Jen is so happy!"

One of my favorite children's books about potty training is called "Once Upon a Potty" I think it's been around since the 70s. But it still holds true and it still gets the point across. It's kind of quirky, slightly silly and it actually has some pages in it that are anatomically correct. But that's okay, it's innocent, it's for children, it's cartoon and it helps little ones learn about their body parts and where their potty is coming from. Another children's story book that I like about potty training is called "Everyone Poops". There are also lots of videos and kids shows out there about potty training. 

I'll mention a list of my favorite children's books for potty training in my youtube videos. If you don't see one of your favorites listed down below please leave me a comment and I'll add it to the list. We're gonna have your kiddos diaper free and potty trained in no time! We're gonna do this together. I'm here to help. You're gonna get through this Mama. With a little bit of patience, some compassion and a lot of love. Thanks again for watching it was fun! Don't forget to leave some comments and a nice thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe!

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