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♥  Ever ask yourself about the pros and cons of having a Nanny? I have been a Nanny and a babysitter for 39 years so this is purely based on my opinion and my decades of experience. I've been a sitter/Nanny for countless families all over the country, I've worked in the homes of the rich and famous, and I've probably cared for 100's of infants, toddlers and children, so I guess I feel I might have a thing or two to say about the subject. Therefore I'd like to help you in any way I can.

♥  The good thing about hiring a Nanny is that you, the parent, are in complete control because you are responsible for hiring. You won’t need to tour daycare center after daycare center, where you'll probably just get their "best behavior show” put on for you. Instead you get to interview potential hires and choose who you think is the best fit for your family. Every family is different, thus everyone's needs are different. During the interview process you'll need to clearly explain what your needs are for the Nanny. What will their responsibilities be? Laundry? Cooking? Transportation for the kids? Homework? You also need to do some research on any Nannies you are considering hiring. What is their educational background? How many years experience do they have? Criminal history? Driving record? You might want to get references for the prospective Nanny as well.

♥  Once hired, a Nanny will do many so many wonderful things for your children. After a period of time, there will be a bond formed between the Nanny and your children. Don't allow yourself to become jealous. This bond is important for your child’s trust and their overall development. Your Nanny will not only provide all the obvious care for your children (diapers, feeding, putting down for naps, safety, outings, activities, bed time stores and tuck ins, kissing owies, etc) But many Nannies also do “extra” things around the house – children’s laundry, meal prep and cleaning dishes, cleaning up their play areas, etc.

♥  A quality Nanny does various fun things with your child. For example, arts and craft projects on a regular basis. Children are taken on outings and various “field trips” to the library, park, pool, zoo, museums, grocery stores, and so on. Many different learning experiences are provided and opportunities for growth and development in all areas (physical, cognitive, social, and emotional). A quality Nanny is not only experienced in years, but is educated as well. Many hold certificates for various training and a may also have college degrees.

♥  With a Nanny, your child will get more one-on-one attention than they would in a daycare setting. Each state has a ratio of teachers to children. Typically, a day care center is filled to this capacity in order to make the most money possible. With a Nanny, because of the more individualized attention, experiences can revolve around and tailored to your child’s specific needs and preferences, likes and dislikes.

♥  While a Nanny is certainly capable of caring for groups of children of all ages, a daycare splits children up by age groups. This can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. Nanny advantage: in a mixed age group, the younger children can learn by example from the older children. Older sibs can be very helpful for language development. Sometimes a more dominant child will speak "for" them or even "shush" the your child thus …not allowing them to get a word in edgewise. This can often lead to bullying. That said, a good Nanny can more easily help with this. One might argue that the issue with children cared for by a Nanny might be a lack of social experiences and interaction with other children of their own age. This too can be easily accommodated by a Nanny who is willing to join play groups and classes as well as be willing to take your children to places where they can interact with other children. (library, pool, playground, sports, play-dates etc)

♥  Another benefit of hiring a Nanny is that parents don’t have to take too many of days off when a child is sick. Children in daycare certainly get sick more often than children who are cared for by a Nanny in your own home. (Don't even get me started on the germs and viruses in some day-care facilities) I often refer to day-care as one giant petri dish! Nannies are usually built in sick care. Most Nannies are willing to care for children with colds, other viruses, and stomach bugs once the contagious incubation period is over. Tho it’s not our favorite thing to do, and parents need to understand (especially in regards to stomach bugs) that if we care for sick children we will most likely catch what they have and may inevitably end up needing to ask for a day off to recover.

♥  Nannies are commonly slightly more expensive than putting a child in daycare. However for multiple children it sometimes evens out or is relatively close (particularly in the case of infant multiples). Overall, it’s going to be your own individual/family choice. You need to figure out the right balance between your wants and needs, what you can afford, and what the prospective Nannies you interview have to offer. I may be a little biased, but I tend to encourage families to go the Nanny route if they can! 

Best of luck in your search! I'm here to help if you have any questions!

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