♥ My Favorite Diapers & Wipes (and why)

 ♥ Ok y'all. Let's face it. I have changed a LOT of diapers in my 35+ years as a babysitter/nanny! Factor in the fact that I started changing my three younger siblings' diapers when I was a 10 year old, ya I've probably changed more diapers than most mommies. Let's do the math. You may feel you've changed a LOT of diapers. Even if you have twins... even if you have fifty seven of your own children... unless you changed those diapers until each child was 35 years old (...hey it happens!) ...then it is completely reasonable to say I have changed more diapers than you - by a BUTT load! (see what I did there?) 😂

 ♥ Any hoo. This is by no means a competition. But I do feel I have probably tried every brand, shape, size, color and scent of every diaper & wipe ever sold on the US market since the year 1979!  Mind you many of those diaper changes were cloth diapers. The thick cloth kind ya had to stick a giant, scary safety pin thru and pray you didn't prick the baby with the pin! Seems I always had little bloody poke marks on my finger from insert my had between the cloth diaper layers as a barrier in an effort to protect the baby's skin! Cloth diapers were messy and leaky and droopy! Don't even get me started on how we washed the poop outta those things! Then there were the elastic leg, rubbery, plastic diaper pants to go OVER the cloth diaper! Such a hassle!  No wonder all baby cribs needed a plastic bed-sheet cover to protect the mattress! Times have changed!! Things are so much easier these days, now that we have boxed disposable diapers instead of diaper pails filled with lysol or bleach! I know there are still mammas out there using the old school cloth diapers. Kudos to you ladies. Really! I feel ya!

♥ But for the purposes of this specific blog post today, I wanted to share some of my personal favorite dipes & wipes. And more importantly why. Boxed disposable diapers come in all sizes, scents, cuts and absorbency. Some have patterns or cartoony prints, some are designed for day time, others for night time. Some are designed for newborns with cut outs under the belly button for the sweet little umbilical cord. Some are designed differently in the leg/hip area specifically for ease of crawling. Others are designed for easy to pull up and down during those oh-so-fun potty training times. And even the Night time pull ups that offer extra absorbency! Don't forget about the swim diapers made specifically for splashing around in the pool and at the beach! These are designed to hold "everything" in to avoid an embarrassing poo accident during swim lessons or at a pool party! 

Some diapers come with sticky tabs, others have velcro like tabs or reusable tabs, soft to the touch tabs. There are even all natural, organic, eco-freindly, bio-degradable brands. The options go on and on.

♥ I’ve worked with them all! Quite possibly, literally every single brand! Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, Pull-ups, Easy-Ups, Honest, Bamboo, Kirkland, Seventh Generation, Babyganics, Good Nites ...
Target, Walmart, Costco you name it! 

♥ Now, keep in mind I of course always use whatever dipes & wipes the mommy uses for her baby. I always comply and agree with the parenting styles and use whatever brands/products are there in the baby’s home. But I personally favor one specific diaper and one specific wiper. Ready? Ok here’s the verdict. Drum roll please:

And the winner is…..
Pampers brand diapers and...
Yup those are my absolute favorites! 

 Pampers disposable diapers are super absorbent, leak proof, snug fitting, soft against baby's skin, has a wetness indicator line to tell you when the baby is wet.

  Kirkland brand wipes are thicker, sturdy, unscented, won't rip, multi-use and they are large in size so it covers more surface area with one swipe.

♥ No I’m not endorsed by those brands. No I don’t get some sort of perk or payout. No commissions. I just want to share with YOU to save you time and cost of experimenting and trying a bunch’a different brands. You may already have your favorite brand picked out. Maybe you tried some great coupons and just stuck with that brand. Maybe you got “the mother load” of free lifetime supply of dipes & wipes at your baby shower! Awesome! If they are working for you and your baby - you’re one of the lucky ones!

♥ I’ve seen photos and posts on the internet of horrible rashes, skin reactions, allergies and “burns” on babies tushies that were claimed to have been from specific brands of disposable diapers. Poor babies. SO sad. Breaks my heart. I do have my suspicions that some of those mommies might not have stayed on top of consistent diaper changes or medicating a rash right at the very first signs and just let the rash fester and spread and escalate to a horrible infection. Makes my heart hurt.

♥ As far as wipes go: They are NOT all created equal! Far from it, in my humble opinion! Some wipes are so thin and wimpy they literally disintegrate in your hands! Not something we want when we’re in the middle of a soupy, poopy blow-out diaper changing, with a squirmy screaming baby, in the back of your van, in the grocery store parking lot! (in the rain!) 

♥ Without naming the brands I dislike, whether it be because they are cheaply made, too sticky, too grippy, too rough for baby’s bum or overly scented with strong fragrances that are sure to irritate baby’s delicate skin. I will say this: I definitely prefer unscented wipes. Baby’s skin is far too pure and untainted to tolerate some of the fruity, powdery scented wipes out there. Not to mention baby wipes aren’t just for baby butts! We use them to wipe faces, nose boogies, fingers, chins, limbs… anything and everything that might be covered in baby food, sticky banana shmoosh, sand from the playground, or worse - a barfy hazmat clean-up situation! Eww...

♥ So to conclude, I’d like to say good luck to you in your diaper and wipes search! And if you do not yet have a favorite picked out or just don’t quite know where to start. Start with Pampers brand diapers and Kirkland brand wipes! I love ‘em! You’re welcome!

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