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♥  Reading  to your little ones can be so very important. It helps your child from a young age to learn about communication, language development, how to speak, how to commute communicate, how to talk. Just by hearing us, the adults speaking and reading to them, will teach them about association, colors, shapes, objects, the alphabet and our language as well as other languages. Studies show who babies who are read to at a very young age, even in utero, have a better chance of learning multiple languages. 

 ♥ Babies will crave story book time at nap time and bed time and just random various times throughout the day. It is helpful to have lots and lots of books available to them from the beginning. Small sized books are best at first,  no paper pages at their access. Babies will get paper cuts and inevitably just learn to tear out the pages.  The ripping sound of the rip very satisfying to them seems to be very satisfying to them - and the look on our faces when we see they ripped up page 32 of Doctor Seuss book is all the more entertaining for some reason. Start with the books that have thick fat pages that are easy for them to turn and handle with their little fingers. This helps them with developing their motor skills and manual dexterity. It shows them how to read a book properly by turning the pages gently and carefully one at a the time. 

 ♥ There are just so many learning development benefits for babies with access to books. But I feel like one of the most important benefits of reading books to our babies is bonding time. What little baby doesn't love being on your lap listening to your soft voice reading them a nighttime story before they peacefully drift off in to dreamland. All little babies love to sit on your lap and have their milky bottle or nurse and listen to mama's familiar voice reading and telling stories. Whether they understand the story or not - whether they understand your words or not does not matter at this age. They just love that time spent with you, that close bonding time looking at the colorful bright pictures on the pages. Keeping in mind that newborn babies don't see color right away but they can make out shapes and bright contrasting black and white images which helps them to learn how to focus and use their eyes for seeing things. Newborns develop be ability to see things in color by the age of 5 months. 

 ♥ So pull out those books Mommies and Daddies! Get used to reading book after book after book! Babies will not tire of this wonderful family time ritual and the opportunity to sit on your lap and bond with you and or sit on the floor with you and look through pages upon pages of colorful books and stories with you. Enjoy this opportunity. Go to the library and get a library card for your little one and make it a weekly outing adventure.

Have FUN! Read, Read, Read!!

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