♥ Productive things you can do if the baby falls alseep in the car.

♥ Some babies do NOT like to be in the car. (At all!) Poor little things. Is your baby one of these babies? Does your little sweetie start kicking and screaming before you can even get him/her buckled in? It might due to motion sickness or claustrophobia or severe car sickness. Or maybe they just don’t like to be in the constricted car sear, all the pinchy straps and tight belts and hot metal buckles and harnesses can feel very restricting to a baby.

And yet ...

Some babies LOVE being the car! In fact some babies fall asleep in the car the minute it sets into motion! There are many babies who actually PREFER to be in their car seat for falling asleep! I know many mommies who have had to resort to putting their little angel in the car to drive around the neigborhood just to get their baby to FALL asleep! Have you seen those commercials? It’s cute. It seems funny. But that can become habit forming. Your baby will learn to depend on being in a car just to fall asleep. Be careful with this one mommies. Do you really want to hav'ta load up the family van with your purse and keys and ID and wallet and baby's things and diaper bags and bottles and pacifiers (…dont forget the baby) in your slippers and jammies? When you yourself are already sleep deprived and exhausted?? Not the safest time to get behind the wheel!

Do you have a baby who falls asleep in the car? While you’re out and about driving all over town or even just running a quick errand and you look back and see your little snuggle bunny snoring away in the back seat? Do you move him/her? Wakey wakey? You’ve heard the saying “Never wake a sleeping baby” ? Uhmmmm ya - let it sleeeeeeep!!! Sssshhh.... Dont even touch it! Ha ha!

As a nanny I’ve been in this predicament more times than I can count! I’m driving with a baby in the client's family car, picking up older sibs from school or day care, running around all over town to the library or a playground, picking up dry cleaning and going grocery shopping for client family supplies. And as I pull into the parking spot, reach to take the key out of the ignition, I turn to find a snoozing baby in the back seat. Sigh. 

What to do? Sometimes I just sit there quietly in the parking lot with the car running for the heater or air conditioner. I review the grocery lists, update the kids schedule on my calendar, maybe plan out the rest of the afternoon errands, or organize the kids homework folders. Anything to be productive. I cannot just sit there and stare ahead blankly while the baby catches up on some Z’s. This could take a while!

So… one of the things I did was write up a list of things I can do in the car if the baby is sleeping. So that next time I'm in this sleeping baby predicament, I can pull out my list and choose something productive to do! I thought I’d share my helpful list with you! You might be surprised how many places offer a drive thru or drop off option!

- Drive-thru pharmacy - I always pick up my client’s prescription when it’s ready

- Drive-thru library - book drop off! My most often used place!!

- Drive-thru mail box drop off - send your mail, cards & bills

- Drive-thru banking and deposits - so convenient!

- Fill up the gas tank! May as well do it now rather than at a time when your tank is on EMPTY and you're late rushing to get somewhere on time in a panic frenzy! Some places still have full service so you don’t even have to get out of the car. “Filler up!” 

- Organize your music playlist on your phone

- Organize your photos on your phone

- Make your grocery list, to do lists on your phone. 

- Play some peaceful meditation music while the baby sweetly snoring. Relax, breathe deep, meditate, just dont fall asleep!

- Drive around in a nice shady neighborhood and look at the pretty houses, properties, horses, rose gardens

- Make calls to schedule appointments - doctors, dentist, hair appointment (Ahh…massage appointment anyone?)

- Read a magazine, read and online article, catch upon the daily news

- Park in the shade at a park with the AC running, get out, stretch your legs, stand next to the car/van get some fresh air!

- Drive-thru lunch - treat yourself to something snackie while baby snoozes (a salad? burger & fries? ice cream?)

- Drive-thru coffee - for a little caffeine pick-me-up! 

Hello? Starbucks? 

I'm sure you get the idea. Just think of things you can do to be productive and keep your day moving. Just because your baby fell asleep in the car doesn't mean everything needs to come to a screeching halt. If your baby is sleeping there's a reason. Let that sweet baby sleep. You dont want to wake baby mid-nap!! That will result in a sleepy, cranky, fussy, screaming baby!! Who wants to carry THAT around in the grocery store???

Good luck mommies! 


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