♥ To Spank or Not to Spank.

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♥ To spank or not to spank. 
To me there is no question. Shakespeare can kiss my.... 

Just kidding. I'm just not a fan of spanking. 

♥ I grew up old school. I'm a child of the sixties y'all. I was raised with spankings and belt whoopins, wooden spoon whacks and getting my mouth washed out with soap after every little bad word. (or even just sass mouthin') As a child of a military family, I was raised with a very strict upbringing and plenty of good old fashioned spankings. That may or may not be why I am not a fan of the spanking method to this day. But after studying child psychology in college, I've come to realize there are just too many theories and reasons why NOT to spank our children. Without getting into the in-depth facets of abuse, long-term psychological effects, mental & emotional consequences, long-term PTSD effects as the child grows into an adult in their later years. (...and then go on to have children of their own... thus continuing the cycle and perpetuating the abuse) Let's just talk about toddlers and babies and why we should not be hitting these little humans.

♥ When a toddler is in their formative years, they are learning how to behave, how to be a good little boy or girl, how to mind us and do what we ask of them and they are learning how to treat other human beings. How to not throw temper tantrums, not hitting or biting their siblings, or not kicking or scratching their friends. These are all things that we have to teach them with positive reinforcement. So if a child starts to learn to hit another child or a sibling or the dog or even perhaps you - mommy or daddy. Maybe it starts a little whack on the face or a quick smack to see what will happen. We need to respond calmly and assertively. We need to NOT hit them back.

♥ We cannot react with a smack or respond with a reciprocal whack. Physical hitting. It sends mixed messages. It will be confusing to our child if we are telling them "Don't hit your sister. Don't hit me. Don't hit people." But then we smack them or hit them or spank them on the hiney. Not fair. That's just backwards. There are so many other more effective ways to raise our children and teach them and help them to learn the ways being a gentle person and to live a life that we would like them to live. And its up to us to teach them how to be a wonderful little human being. Without having to do spankings or hit them physically with our hands or a belt or a spoon or a spatula or shoe or whatever is within reach (like the hair brush in your hand) etc. A baby will lose trust in us if we hit them. They will learn that we/adults hurt them. If we hurt a child they will quickly learn to be fearful of us and therefore they cannot trust us. That is the last thing we want - is for our children to not trust us as their mommy or daddy or parents/caregivers.

♥ So in conclusion. I implore you to not spank or hit your babies and children. Please dont use physical means to communicate & teach your precious little tiny fragile baby a lesson or punishment.  Try the time out method. Or the "take a deep breath" and lets re-think this method. Dont hit. There's simply is no reason to inflict pain on a little person just to get your point across. That would imply that you YOURSELF have no self control over your own anger and you are just being impulsively reactionary.  

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